Blended Mental Health- A Flexible Safety Net for an Uncertain Time

  • How will the types of care in the in-person model translate to virtual delivery? (Our experience has been that individual and family therapy translate very easily, whereas treatments like group therapy- while powerful- require more planning and coordination to implement)
  • What technology platform will be used for virtual care, and does it have the correct privacy and security capabilities and settings?
  • What is your state’s requirement for gathering consent for the delivery of telehealth services?
  • Will the goal of each therapeutic interaction change? For example, when we first implemented virtual support, we substituted true individual therapy with a series of therapeutic “check ins” that were a bit less structured and shorter in duration, with the goal of using early sessions simply to get students comfortable with the forum.)
  • What guidelines and communication do you need to have for parents with respect to setting expectations and ensuring that there is privacy and confidentiality in the home environment?



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Effective School Solutions

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